The following is a list of resources we believe could be helpful to those who have been affected by the Creek Fire. Please note that we have not fully vetted these resources. We will attempt to keep this page as updated as possible. If you have any suggestions for additional resources to add or any suggested updates to this page, please email us at


Assemblyman Jim Patterson's Clean Up Guide:
  • Those who want to use a licensed contractor and pay for cleanup with their insurance can officially opt-out of the government cleanup.
  • If you have insurance and want to use the government cleanup, you can, but you must agree to give the “debris removal” portion of your insurance payout to the state.
  • Make sure you property is on the county’s structure status map.
  • If your residence is not listed on the structure status map, call the County of Fresno at (559) 600-5000.
  • Video for reference